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DriSteem’s GTS Humidifier LX Series Chosen and Installed to Protect the Aurora Academic Charter School Gym Floor

Eden Prairie, MN - December 10, 2019 - DRI-STEEM Corporation (DriSteem), the leading manufacturer of humidification, evaporative cooling, and water treatment products, announced today the release of its case study with results regarding the humidification of the Aurora Academic Charter School gym to protect the gym flooring.  Aurora Academic Charter School is in Alberta, Canada.   

The school had hired a hardwood floor contractor to redo the gym floor with a guarantee on the wood floor, provided the school humidify the gym to protect it from the dry Edmonton winter air, which can be a detriment to building materials like hardwood gym floors.  Some of the issues faced were the limited space the school had to hold a humidification unit in its small mechanical room and the need to offer a unit with ultra-low nitrogen oxide emmissions.

DriSteem GTS® Humidifier LX Series was the perfect solution for the job as it was small enough to fit the space and produced the appropriate humidity for the entire gym area.  The LX Series was able to  be installed using PVC flue material, which is easier to work with and less expensive than traditional stainless steel.  In addition, the ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions of the LX series reduce greenhouse gases, supporting an important government initiative in Edmonton.

The results have come in and the Aurora School’s GTS LX Series Humidifier from DriSteem has successfully humidified the gym without issue since installation in the fall of 2017.  As an added benefit, the GTS Humidifier LX Series also offered an energy savings to the school’s utility bills. 

“DriSteem enjoys the distinction of having been the only manufacture that could meet the pressing needs for the Aurora Academic Charter School,” said MIke Lanners, Director of Sales.  “DriSteem not only had a small enough unit to fit the space, but with the added benefit of saving them money on their utility bill.”

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