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DriSteem Releases Case Study on Canada’s National Music Centre (NMC)

NMC in Calgary rebuilds and installs humidification system to preserve artifacts

Eden Prairie, MN – March 06, 2020 - DRI-STEEM Corporation (DriSteem), the leading manufacturer of humidification, evaporative cooling, and water treatment products, announced today that it has released a case study on how their technology is safely and effectively helping preserve historical artifacts at the new Studio Bell, home of Canada’s National Music Center (NMC) located in Calgary, Canada.  

It is difficult for buildings in Calgary to maintain the proper amount of humidification due to the Rocky Mountains and its Chinook Winds, so it tends to be a dry place, particularly from the months from November through April.  The Canadian Conservation Institute knew that fluctuating relative humidity could cause biological, chemical and mechanical damage to artifacts in the museum, and stressed the need for a humidification system to preserve its honored items. They reached out to DriSteem, who recommended DriSteem GTS® gas-to-steam humidifiers. 

“‘We recommended the installation of eight DriSteem GTS gas-to-steam humidifiers because steam is the purest and cleanest form of humidification along with being energy efficient, reliable and allowing for high capacity,” said Mysty Hanson, Assistant Product Manager at DriSteem. “We feel privileged to meet the humidification demands of this large venue filled with priceless artifacts situated in a challenging climate.”

DriSteem's GTS gas-to-steam humidifier provides a broad capacity range and precise control, and it is compatible with all water types: tap, softened, deionized, and reverse osmosis. Application flexibility makes the GTS humidifier the ideal choice for almost any application.

About DriSteem:

DriSteem is a premier provider of humidification, evaporative cooling, and water treatment solutions for commercial and industrial applications.  DriSteem offers custom systems for critical indoor environments such as health care, data centers, and other facilities requiring precise control of moisture in the air.

DriSteem’s 50-year history of development and innovation has resulted in multiple patented designs that not only meet but anticipate customers’ unique needs.  DriSteem is a subsidiary of Research Products Corporation, manufacturer of Aprilaire®, the leading residential humidifier brand, as well as air cleaners, heat-recovery systems, and HVAC accessories.  

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