RL series dehumidifier

Model Numbers: RL-14, RL-31

These refrigerant-based dehumidifiers are available to ship within 2-5 business days. These units are most easily applied in replacement opportunities where the room load is already known.

Smaller capacity dehumidifier models will be available later this year, with capacities from 70-210 pints per day
(3-9 lbs/hr). These units are an ideal fit for light commercial space including storage areas, locker rooms, and warehouses.

Dehumidification removes moisture from the air, offering protection against condensation and frost, as well as against mold, mildew, and fungus.

The DriSteem RL series dehumidifier dehumidifies the air coming into the unit by passing it over an evaporator coil to drop the air temperature below the dew point of the air. Moisture is removed from the air and drained out of the unit to a common floor or waste drain. The air is then reheated in the condenser coil and exits the unit. Dehumidification occurs until the set point is reached, then shuts off until the control determines a need for operation.

Comprehensive control with the D77 Controller or BACnet humidistat options

The optional D77 control allows the user to set and adjust the humidity setting and turn dehumidification on or off from a convenient location. In this application, the RL series uses an onboard sensor to monitor the relative humidity (% RH) in the space in which it is located and displays the measured relative humidity on the digital display.

  • Control range: 35% – 80% RH
  • Accuracy: +/-5% RH

Features and Benefits

  • The most water removal for your investment with 0.03 or 0.06 gallons per minute
  • Can be suspended or installed on ground level
  • Ducting allows you to separate the unit from the environment, saving space and increasing ease of access


Capacity: from 39 to 89 gallons/day at 80°F, 60% RH

Control: ±5% RH

Applications: perfect for manufacturing, food processing, breweries, and storage applications

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