Hydrotrue® RO 400 Series Water Treatment System

Hydrotrue® RO 400 series water treatment system
Designed for DriSteem equipment and stand-alone operation, the Hydrotrue RO 400 Series reverse osmosis water treatment system significantly reduces or eliminates maintenance on downstream equipment by removing over 98% of dissolved solids from supply water.

Maintenance is easy with innovative front-only maintenance access to the system. Quickly replace membranes and sediment filters without wrestling within tight spaces or working around other equipment.

Complete systems with dechlorinator, duplex water softeners, and brine tank ensure the longest membrane life possible for the system.

The industry-leading Vapor-logic® controller offers BAS network communications capability and delivers comprehensive system management. Alarms quickly inform the users of issues or changes for easy monitoring and corrective action. The Vapor-logic controller makes these RO systems the first interoperable systems available with BACnet® , Modbus®, and LonTalk®.

Water Testing Best Practices

To learn more about the proper techniques for water testing, watch our Water Testing Video Mini-series. These videos demonstrate techniques for accurate tests of water conductivity, pH level, total hardness, chlorides, and several other things that have a huge impact on any equipment that uses or treats water. 

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