200 series water treatment system

200 series water treatment system
Designed for DriSteem equipment and stand-alone operation, the RO-200 Series reverse-osmosis water treatment system significantly reduces or eliminates maintenance on downstream equipment by removing over 98% of dissolved solids from supply water.

Water treatment that works with building automation systems
The Vapor-logic® controller in our compact 200 Series reverse-osmosis water treatment system provides menus for all system functions, with a web interface, and integrates with Modbus®, BACnet®, and LonTalk® building automation systems.

Built-in TDS Monitoring
The DriSteem RO-200 system includes a built-in TDS sensor that sends notifications to the BAS system when the total dissolved solids concentration rises too high, ensuring continued system performance.

Designed to be Energy-efficient
High-efficiency, extra low-energy membranes use little energy to generate pure water. Pull-up membrane cartridges save space and make membrane replacement easy.

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Features and Benefits
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Ready to go right out of the box
  • High-efficiency, low-energy membranes use little energy to generate pure water


Capacity: 100-300 lbs/hr (12-36 gph or 288-864 gpd)

Control: Vapor-logic® controller

Options: Water softener


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