Hydrotrue® Pre-treatment Systems

Hydrotrue water softener systems

The easiest and most cost-effective way to maintain humidification capacity and to reduce maintenance requirements is to install a Hydrotrue water softener system.

Operating with softened water reduces or eliminates hard water scale on equipment surfaces, thereby significantly reducing humidifier maintenance requirements.

Reduce humidifier maintenance frequency by at least three times more with a water softener alone.

Hydrotrue dechlorinator systems

Protect reverse osmosis membranes from chlorine damage with Hydrotrue dechlorination systems.

Wall mount cartridge filters are available for low flow requirements and electronically metered tank systems are available for high flows.

Water Testing Best Practices

To learn more about the proper techniques for water testing, watch our Water Testing Video Miniseries. These videos demonstrate techniques for accurate tests of water conductivity, pH level, total hardness, chlorides, and several other things that have a huge impact on any equipment that uses or treats water. 

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Features and Benefits
  • Complete suite of products available for all applications: dechlorination, water softening, and reverse osmosis systems
  • Designed for use with all DriSteem humidification and evaporative cooling systems, or as a stand-alone system for other processes requiring water treatment
  • Optional skidding for multiple tank pretreatment systems provides single point supply, drain, and electrical connections
  • Supply multiple evaporative cooling or humidification systems with a single water treatment system
  • Components can be used individually or as a complete water treatment solution


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