Humidification Preserves Materials and Furnishings

Many materials, finishes, and furnishings featured in museums are hygroscopic — they absorb, retain, and release moisture. Low relative humidity levels cause expensive damage to materials because as hygroscopic materials dry, they shrink. DriSteem humidification systems will help you maintain a consistent RH level year-round, reducing the chance of irreparable damage to important historic and artistic artifacts.

Benefits Of Humidification
  • Reduces cracking, warping and shrinkage
  • Enhances comfort for visitors and staff
  • Decreases static and dust attraction

Affordable Humidification Systems

Our XT series electrode humidifiers are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.


New to the world of commercial humidification and evaporative cooling systems? Looking for an easy way to better understand the products and options available for your project? Our product selection guide can help you sort through the choices and point you in the right direction.

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