Solve High Humidity Issues Quickly

DriSteem’s Evair™ dehumidifiers are perfect for removing moisture from Warehousing/Dry Goods Storage, Printing, Furniture Manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing, and more.

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Online Training Courses

DriSteem offers online courses for humidification fundamentals, all product lines, and DriCalc® sizing and selection software. This interactive format allows you to learn at your own pace, anywhere, at any time.

Adiatec® High-pressure Atomization System Expansion

DriSteem’s high-pressure atomization system offering has just been expanded with added voltage/frequency options – plus new CE and VDI 6022 approval certifications.

NEW! Adiatec® Ultrasonic Humidifier

The DriSteem Adiatec ultrasonic humidifier provides evaporative cooling and humidification in room or in the AHU/duct for application flexibility. 

Why humidify?


New to the world of commercial humidification and evaporative cooling systems? Looking for an easy way to better understand the products and options available for your project? Our product selection guide can help you sort through the choices and point you in the right direction.


Compare what your costs would be using gas versus electric humidification. In many locations, the savings from switching to gas are so significant that you can replace old electric unit(s) with new GTS gas humidifiers from DriSteem – and let the energy savings pay for the cost and installation!


DriCalc sizing and selection software makes it easy to size and select DriSteem equipment – access your projects anytime, anywhere with our easy online software tool. With workflows to help everyone from novices to experts, DriCalc gets your project started on the path to successful completion.

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