About us

What we do

Create healthy environments
Studies show that when room RH drops below 40 percent, incidents of respiratory illness increase. Proper humidification can significantly reduce student and employee absenteeism.

Improve production processes
Controlling a building’s RH significantly improves production processes. RH affects the moisture content of hygroscopic materials, such as wood, textiles, paper, leather, fibers, and foods. Such materials either absorb or release moisture until an equilibrium moisture content is reached, which may affect many of the properties critical for production.

Preserve materials and artifacts

Fluctuating RH causes material to repeatedly absorb and release moisture. These changes may impact a material’s weight, strength, and appearance, which may damage the material and shorten its longevity.

Who we are

We design and manufacture humidification systems to meet your unique humidification requirements. We have earned our reputation as the humidification experts by supporting customers’ unique commercial, health care, industrial, and process-critical applications for more than 50 years.

Through extensive research and development efforts, we continue to develop industry-leading innovations that greatly improve methods for adding moisture to air with precise control.

Our mission
Our mission is to provide customers with exceptional service and superior products that condition or control air for HVAC applications.

Quality Policy

DriSteem is committed to meeting or exceeding the needs of our customers and other interested parties. Quality is an integral part of our culture as we continually improve our products and processes.


DriSteem U.S. operations are ISO 9001:2015 certified.