Downtime and outages can cause decreased productivity, a damaged reputation, and lost revenue for data centers. On a daily basis data centers face insurmountable amounts of risk, environment conditions being one of them. Air circulation with too little humidity results in dry air, elevating the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD). While too much humidity will cause condensation to form, leading to damage, corrosion and eventually equipment failure of motherboards, hard drives and in connecting sockets. Whether too little humidity or too much, both can lead to unexpected downtime resulting in lost revenue and upset clients.   

To prolong the life expectancy of equipment by preventing ESD and corrosion due to excessive condensation, ASHRAE recommends maintaining a Relative Humidity (rH) range of 40 to 60 percent.1 DriSteem humidification systems are an essential part of maintaining an accurate relative humidity level within a data center which is critical to lowering the risk of outages, reducing energy costs, and mitigating environmental risks.  

Avoid disruption of critical processes and costly damage to valuable equipment by controlling the environment condition with relative humidity. 

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Critical Control

Our Vapor-logic® electronic controller has been purpose-developed for DriSteem products.



New to the world of commercial humidification and evaporative cooling systems? Looking for an easy way to better understand the products and options available for your project? Our product selection guide can help you sort through the choices and point you in the right direction.

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