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The RTS humidifier RX series is a line of electric resistive humidifiers with capacities and control for any application. RTS humidifiers incorporate new features that satisfy market demand, while maintaining the quality and dependability you expect from DriSteem.
RTS® Humidifier RX Series
Let Abby get you ready to install a Humidi-tech or CRUV electric humidifier. Find out what tools and supplies you will need before you head over to the site, and prevent return trips.
Humidi-tech® or CRUV® Installation Preparation
Let Abby get you ready to install a Vapormist or CRUV electric humidifier. Find out what tools and supplies you will need before you head over to the site, and prevent return trips.
Vapormist® or CRUV® Installation: Tools and Supplies
Let Abby get you ready to install a GTS LX series gas-to-steam humidifier. Find out what tools and supplies you will need before you head over to the site, and prevent return trips.
GTS® Humidifier LX Series installation Preparation
In Standby mode, the controller is powered, but the system is offline. To enable automatic operation, such as the ability to respond to a call for humidity, the controller must be in Auto mode. See how it's done on DriSteem's Vapor-logic touchscreen display.
Vapor-logic® Controller: Standby Mode to Auto Mode
Jim demonstrates how to tune the burner or burners on any model of DriSteem GTS humidifier LX series.
GTS® Humidifier LX Series Burner Tuning
These systems, large or small, are our answer for customers looking for an energy-efficient, low-maintenance system to humidify or cool a building of almost any size with tight control. They can be installed in ducts and air handlers or in rows across the whole ceiling.
Introducing the High-pressure System
We made this video because we think knowing a few things about location, electrical service, fill and drain water connections, and steam piping will make your GTS humidifier LX series installation go smoothly.
Installing a GTS® Gas-to-Steam Humidifier LX Series
Steam for humidification is distributed through ducts, air handlers, and even directly into finished spaces, where it is released in the airstream with a steam dispersion system. See the difference DriSteem steam dispersion systems can make in energy savings and application versatility.
Introduction to Steam Dispersion
Climate-controlled outdoor enclosure options, integral drain water tempering, and steam capacities from 50 to 600 pounds per hour give GTS humidifiers the flexibility to fulfill almost any humidification requirement. Customers with available natural gas or propane who require reliable steam humidification at the lowest operating cost for any application from comfort to critical will be fully satisfied with a GTS humidifier from DriSteem.
GTS® Humidifiers
De LX-serie is onlangs aan ons GTS-assortiment toegevoegd, en combineert de grootste efficiëntie op de markt met een superlage NOx-emissie.
GTS®-bevochtigers van de LX-serie - Dutch
Notre famille de produits GTS accueille la série LX, qui combine la meilleure efficacité du marché à des émissions de NOx extrêmement faibles.
Humidificateur GTS®, série LX - French
Die Serie LX, das neueste Mitglied in unserer GTS-Produktfamilie, kombiniert die höchste Effizienz auf dem Markt mit ultraniedrigem NOx in einem Gerät.
GTS® Befeuchter der Serie LX — German
L'ultima arrivata nella nostra famiglia GTS, la serie LX, combina la massima efficienza sul mercato ed ossidi di azoto ultra-bassi in ogni singola unità.
Umidificatori LX GTS® di DriSteem - Italian
DriSteem's new GTS® Humidifier LX series is the only gas-fired humidifier with high-efficiency and ultra-low NOx in one unit. Our latest innovation offers a next-generation breakthrough for energy savings, installation flexibility, and environmental protection.
DriSteem Innovations: GTS® Humidifier LX Series
DriSteem's low-cost, low-maintenance option for humidifying with free cooling is elegant in its simplicity.
Wetted Media System
See the culmination of three decades worth of DriSteem breakthroughs in our most efficient, highest-performing steam dispersion panel.
Ultra-sorb XV Steam Dispersion Panel
DriSteem's 200 Series reverse osmosis water treatment systems remove over 98 percent of dissolved solids from supply water for a wide variety of applications and processes, either as stand-alone systems or for use with DriSteem humidifiers. These systems can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, maintenance of connected equipment.
200 Series Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems
DriSteem combines two proven products in a single package. Our 200 Series reverse osmosis water treatment system and our Vapormist® electric steam humidifier are fully integrated as the industry’s only low-maintenance humidification system. See how we did it, and see how it delivers reliable steam humidification, with near-zero maintenance, in all applications from comfort to critical, and easy integration with building automation systems.
Low-maintenance humidification system
Watch how easy it is, and get a few tips for upgrading a DriSteem Gas-to-Steam (GTS®) humidifier controller from Vapor-logic® version 3 to version 6. Upgrading to version 6 adds functionality and diagnostics, including a tri-color LED that conveys humidifier operating modes, demand conditions, and message alerts. Also notable for GTS is that version 6 of the controller features a cycle counter for each ignitor.
Legacy (non-LX series) GTS® humidifier controller upgrade demo
DriSteem isothermal humidifiers use electricity, gas, or pressurized boiler steam to vaporize water into pure, unpressurized humidification steam. Find out why our wide range of steam outputs and energy sources gives DriSteem systems the versatility to tackle any humidification job.
Introduction to Steam Generation
XT Series electrode humidifiers from DriSteem offer low up-front cost, easy installation, and simple maintenance with no tank cleaning. Find out how they work and the types of applications they are best suited for.
XT Series Electrode Humidifiers
This simple modification to our Humidi-tech<sup>®</sup> humidifier supply water line is easy to do and will make tank maintenance easy to schedule and perform.
Humidi-tech tank change demo
This simple modification to our Vapormist<sup>®</sup> humidifier supply water line is easy to do and will make tank maintenance easy to schedule and perform.
Vapormist tank change demo
See how the components work together and how easy it is to operate and maintain the system.
Low-maintenance humidification system components, operation, and maintenance
Comparing condensate production from two steam dispersion panels. One has bare, metal dispersion tubes; the other has PVDF-insulated, high-efficiency dispersion tubes.
Condensate test video
We performed a side-by-side performance test with two same-sized steam dispersion panels: our panel (Ultra-sorb® with PVDF-insulated, high-efficiency tubes) vs. a competitor’s panel.
PVDF–insulated vs. steel-shielded tubes
DriSteem’s High-pressure system is perfect for data centers with large cooling loads.
DriSteem High-pressure system
There are at least four good reasons to humidify indoor air. Find out why people, processes, and preservation are better with proper humidification.
Why humidify?
DriSteem’s Wetted Media System features five pending patents that result in high-tech performance with centuries-old technology.
Wetted Media System pending patents
See how DriSteem XT Series electrode steam humidifiers monitor and adjust the electrical current in the water that they boil away into steam.
DriSteem XT Series humidifier principle of operation
Our humidifier de-scaling solution pump kit takes yet more labor out of humidifier maintenance.
De-scaler and pump kit
This demonstration includes the entire tuning process and addresses the most common questions we've received from technicians.
Tune legacy (non-LX series) GTS® humidifier burners
Easy installation and minimal maintenance make XT Series one of the most affordable humidification systems to purchase and install.
XT Series easy maintenance