Choose makeup water type carefully

Humidification systems operate using many water types, including:

  • Potable water, directly from a city or well water source.
  • Softened water, either heated or unheated.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) water, which has gone through a filtering process to remove most minerals, as well as some contaminants.
  • Deionized (DI) water, which is generally considered to be the purest water.

  • Mineral concentration in makeup water supply will determine how well various types of humidifiers will work in a given area and directly relates to the amount of maintenance an evaporative steam generator requires. As mineral concentration increases, so does maintenance.

    Before selecting a system, water should be tested to ensure proper humidifier type selection and understanding of the ongoing maintenance requirements.

    Well water is typically the most contaminated and therefore the least desirable source of water for any humidification system. If well water is the only source available, pre-treatment before it enters the humidifier is essential. City water sources are significantly cleaner and more reliable than well water and are a good choice for supplying water to your system.

    Many cities provide softened water making it even more desirable as a source. Pre-treatment of the water may still provide significant value by extending intervals between humidifier maintenance and extending the life of the equipment.

    Environments that require a humidifier to be continuously online use demineralized (RO and/or DI) water. DI water must be used in applications where humidification steam must be free of minerals and contaminants, or where uninterrupted service is required.