RH Control is Key for Graphics Printing

Modernistic, Inc. is a large-format graphics printer in Stillwater, MN. They have thrived in the graphics business for over 85 years by adapting to their customers’ changing needs, including speed, quality, and the variety of surfaces onto which graphics are printed.

Modernistic prints on a variety of substrates for their customers. For optimum ink transfer to these substrates, the relative humidity must be within a carefully controlled range. Too dry or too humid, and the quality of the ink adhesion and quality of the print can be compromised.

Modernistic runs multiple processes simultaneously in their 160,000-square-foot facility, often with differing humidity requirements. This makes Modernistic’s goal of finding a humidification solution complicated.

Modernistic chose DriSteem, a Twin Cities manufacturer of commercial-industrial humidification, evaporative cooling, and water treatment systems, to solve their humidity challenge. Modernistic was particularly interested in DriSteem’s High-Pressure System.

DriSteem’s High-Pressure System distributes 1200 psi water to dispersion nozzles throughout the building’s ceiling. Depending on the need for humidification in the air, the system controller automatically opens solenoid valves to release a fog of millions of microscopic particles of water into the air. These tiny droplets absorb into the air almost instantly, raising the relative humidity. The controller closes the valves when the required conditions are met. This process sustains itself without human intervention throughout the day.

For processes with differing relative humidity requirements in the same building, the High-Pressure System is configured into multiple zones, which can be separately monitored and controlled.

DriSteem is proud to provide the humidification needed for Modernistic’s critical processes.

AHR Expo Show Daily, January 25, 2016