Adiatec® High-Pressure System

The DriSteem Adiatec high-pressure system provides evaporative cooling and humidification in multiple zones and in a wide variety of applications. Humidify to enhance indoor air quality, manufacturing process, material longevity and comfort while taking advantage of the free cooling and energy savings inherent with this technology. The Adiatec high-pressure system handles every aspect of the application from the potable supply water source to the cooled/humidified conditions in the air handler, duct or space.


DriSteem’s Adiatec high-pressure system uses heat already present in air to evaporate evenly distributed water droplets dispersed by the system, saving on energy costs.

Reduces cooling load

As atomized water droplets are absorbed, the evaporation causes air temperature to drop, reducing the cooling load. This provides significant energy savings when cooling and humidifying simultaneously.

Reduces water waste

The system’s Vapor-logic® controller monitors multiple conditions to modulate and control nozzle operation. This optimizes absorption and minimizes water waste.

Fan-assisted dispersion options

There are new options for dispersion available with the Adiatec high-pressure system. We now offer high-pressure fan-assisted dispersion unitsin addition to the current nozzle and manifold systems. These fan-assisted dispersion options are designed to atomize water while increasing air movement for cooling or humidification applications.

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Features and Benefits

Most advanced nozzle technology

  • Breaks up water into ultra-fine particles (90% are 10 microns or less)

Energy savings/low energy usage

  • Every pound of atomized humidification removes about 1000 Btu of heat from the air (every kg of atomized humidification removes approximately 2250 kJ of heat from the air)
  • Significant HVAC energy savings occurs when cooling and humidifying simultaneously

Low maintenance

  • Water-lubricated pump requires maintenance check after 8,000 hours
  • Competing oil-lubricated pump needs oil change every 500 hours
  • Stainless steel dispersion nozzles and manifolds require no regular maintenance

Tight control/quick response time

  • Advanced Vapor-logic controller (specifically designed for our systems)
  • Response time as short as one second
  • View or change settings using intuitive web interface or easy-to-use keypad and display
  • lnteroperability with multiple building management systems via Modbus® and optional BACnet® or LonTalk® protocols

Multiple-zone capability in one system

  • Humidify and cool multiple zones with differing needs using one system

Complete solution including water treatment

  • System includes reverse osmosis hyperfiltration, particulate filtering, dechlorination and duplex water softening
  • Eliminates white dust fallout and bacteria/virus proliferation
  • Perfect for demanding applications that require clean water


Capacity: 250 to 5500 lbs/hr (113 to 2495 kg/h)

Control: Vapor-logic® controller

Applications: Any application requiring cooling or humidification. Especially suited for applications requiring simultaneous cooling and humidification. Commonly used in data centers, industrial manufacturing, printing facilities, and applications using air-side economizers.

Options: Available water treatment options provide ultra-pure water that leaves no white dust – see our water treatment systems page. BACnet® or LonTalk® communication protocols. Redundant high-pressure water pump.

Available with all stainless steel piping for greater hygiene, and VDI 6022 certification.

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