Become a DriSteem Rep

Does your firm offer humidification, evaporative cooling, and water treatment systems? Whether adding to or simply improving your line card, make DriSteem the new name.

With DriSteem specified for your jobs, you get the right equipment, properly sized, and fully supported. We think of shipping to a new customer as the beginning of a relationship, not the end of a sales cycle.


Leverage a strong brand

  • DriSteem equipment is requested for critical applications all over the commercial-industrial world.
  • Contractors and end users insist on DriSteem for the most reliable equipment available. 
  • Consulting-specifying engineers associate DriSteem with reliability and low-risk specifications.


Extend your reach and grow your sales

  • DriSteem’s installed base is huge; engineers, building owners, and facility managers with DriSteem equipment have been using DriSteem for several years.
  • We’re always expanding our reach: New markets and our ability to thrive in markets that our competitors think of as theirs, continually grow our sales in units, parts, and consumables.


Rely on the industry experts

  • We are in a constant cycle of developing and refining new and existing technologies.
  • DriSteem reps and service contractors learn our breakthroughs in training and share them with their customers and the industry. 
  • We provide installation and start-up assistance at customer sites.
  • We provide lunch-n-learn presentations at rep and engineering firms.



Over 50 Years of Innovation

Since 1965, DriSteem has produced custom systems for critical applications such as health care facilities and other buildings requiring precise environmental control.

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Get in touch with your local sales representative for more information about DriSteem products and how to proceed with project planning.

Please call us at (800) 328-4447 for assistance.

In Europe, please call +32 11 82 35 95.

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