DriSteem Installs Two STS Humidifiers at Mercy Hospital in Buffalo, NY for Health of Patients and Positive Health Outcomes

Eden Prairie, MN – May 19, 2020 – DRI-STEEM Corporation (DriSteem), the leading manufacturer of humidification, evaporative cooling, and water treatment products, announced today the successful   installation of (2) DriSteem STS® (steam-to-steam) humidifiers at Mercy Hospital in Buffalo, New York. 

Mercy Hospital needed to replace two existing and aging 1960’s-era air handlers that served operating suites, pharmacy processes, the sterile processing department, and patient areas. Mercy Hospital’s goal with the new humidification systems in these air handlers was to control the relative humidity to the recommended levels of between 40% and 60% RH. With the RH levels in this range, the amount of viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces are decreased and the number of respiratory and hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) among staff and patients are reduced.

RL Kistler, Inc. and engineer, Jake Muller, of M/E Engineering, P.C., determined that since they couldn’t afford any interruption of humidification steam to critical areas, a DriSteem Vapormist® electric steam humidifier was the optimal choice during the months-long transition. The final design included two DriSteem STS® steam-to-steam humidifiers, which use pressurized boiler steam as the energy source to vaporize fresh fill water into evaporative humidification steam. Ultra-sorb® steam dispersion panels were used because they were able to accomodate the short absorption distance for steam in the air handler. 

“We are proud to be selected by Mercy Hospital in Buffalo to continue to provide the hospital and its patients with the best air quality through the addition of humidity,” said Mysty Hanson, Assistant Product Manager.  “If more facilities instituted a humidification system, it would help keep people healthier.”

DriSteem’s STS steam-to-steam humidifier creates chemical-free humidification steam using boiler steam as its energy source. It accomplishes this by using boiler steam in its heat exchanger to vaporize clean fill water into humidification steam. It is a closed-loop system, so no boiler steam or chemicals enter the humidified space; they return to the boiler.

Read the case study here: https://www.dristeem.com/humidity-university/case-studies/case-study-proper-humidity-and-air-purity-are-vital-for-healthy-patients-and-positive-outcomes

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