Select DriSteem Products are Now Available in 3D Format on SpecifiedBy Building Information Modeling (BIM) Content Library in the United Kingdom

Eden Prairie, MN – February 10, 2021 – DRI-STEEM Corporation (DriSteem), the leading manufacturer of humidification, evaporative cooling, and water treatment products, announced today that select products are now available for online specification viewing on SpecifiedBy’s 3D BIM library for customers throughout the United Kingdom.

The SpecifiedBy site is a trusted source of product information that is a database of over 101,758 building products helping thousands of professionals make smart, informed and efficient specification decisions. Content is currently available for download as follows:

  • GTS® LX series humidifier
  • Mini-bank® humidifier
  • Multi-tube humidifier
  • Rapid-sorb® dispersion tube
  • Single-tube dispersion tube
  • STS® humidifier
  • Ultra-sorb® LH steam dispersion panel
  • Ultra-sorb® LV steam dispersion panel
  • Ultra-sorb® MP steam dispersion panel
  • Ultra-sorb® XV steam dispersion panel
  • Vapormist® humidifier
  • Vaporstream® humidifier
  • XT humidifier
  • Area-type® dispersion
  • Drane-kooler® water tempering device

Multiple digital resources for these DriSteem products are now available to download along with Revit file formats for the United Kingdom by visiting the site at:

Links to the downloads are also available on Dristeem at:

“Being included in SpecifiedBy makes it easier for the building design community to include DriSteem products early in the planning process, making humidification easy for engineers, contractors and facility managers is our number one priority,” said Jennifer Montville, Director of Marketing for DriSteem.

About SpecifiedBy:

SpecifiedBy was created to help specifiers find and research building products and materials through modern search, comparison and information management tools. By providing well-structured, open data for thousands of products, SpecifiedBy aims to provide the most comprehensive database of products and materials in the UK and save construction professionals lots of time in the process.

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