Accessories & Options

Expand application flexibility and improve performance with DriSteem accessories and options.

Features and Benefits

  • The temperature-actuated valve is time-tested to be reliable and maintenance-free. And because it is non-electric, no wiring is required.
  • Multiple mounting options. Attach the integral mounting plate to a wall, adjustable floor stand, or by using an assembly for suspension mounting.

Features and Benefits

  • Energy savings provides product payback in less than 1½ years.
  • Condensate reduction correlated directly to energy savings.
  • Condensate reduction allows for smaller steam generators to be used.
  • Adding PVDF insulation to dispersion tubes causes no excessive airflow pressure drop.
  • Approved for use in plenums: meets UL 723 and ASTM E84 smoke and flame requirements with no harmful outgassing.
  • Rated for high-temperature operations.

Features and Benefits

  • De-scaling solution removes scale more thoroughly than hand-scraping, and does not corrode the water tank, components, or welds.
  • De-scaling neutralizer brings the water back to normal ph levels.
  • De-scaling pump kit greatly increases the effect the de-scaling solution has on mineral deposits in the water tank.

Features and Benefits

  • Install on the ground or on the roof. Outdoor enclosures are ideal for facilities that have limited interior space.
  • Easy access for service. Steel enclosure doors provide full access to all internal components.
  • Protects in cold and hot climates. To ensure complete safety and operation in all climates, the outdoor enclosure has supplemental heating and ventilating systems that automatically maintain required operation conditions.
  • The outdoor enclosure is ruggedly built to completely protect internal components.


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Features and Benefits

  • Additional coverage for one or two years beyond DriSteem's standard Two-year Limited Warranty
  • Eliminate unforeseen expenses and lay the groundwork for a manageable budget.
  • Extended warranty coverage can be purchased up to 18 months after original equipment has shipped.

Features and Benefits

  • Ensure compatibility and reliability 
  • Easy to order
  • Less down time 
  • Reduce the number of return trips


New to the world of commercial humidification and evaporative cooling systems? Looking for an easy way to better understand the products and options available for your project? Our product selection guide can help you sort through the choices and point you in the right direction.

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