High-efficiency tube option

DriSteem’s high-efficiency tube option for new and existing Ultra-sorb® and Rapid-sorb® dispersion assemblies provides significant energy savings: wasted energy is reduced by up to 85%. Airstream heat gain and dispersion-generated condensate production are also significantly lowered.

Features and Benefits

  • Energy savings provides product payback in less than 1½ years.
  • Condensate reduction correlated directly to energy savings.
  • Condensate reduction allows for smaller steam generators to be used.
  • Adding PVDF insulation to dispersion tubes causes no excessive airflow pressure drop.
  • Approved for use in plenums: meets UL 723 and ASTM E84 smoke and flame requirements with no harmful outgassing.
  • Rated for high-temperature operations.

Product Resources

Brochures, IOMs , & Catalogs

PVDF–Insulated vs. Steel-shielded Tubes

We performed a side-by-side performance test with two same-sized steam dispersion panels: our panel (Ultra-sorb® with PVDF-insulated, high-efficiency tubes) vs. a competitor’s panel.

Condensate Test Video

Comparing condensate production from two steam dispersion panels. One has bare, metal dispersion tubes; the other has PVDF-insulated, high-efficiency dispersion tubes.

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