Outdoor Enclosures and Weather Covers

Heated/ventilated outdoor enclosures ship to the job site with the humidifier completely installed. Third-party tests ensure that outdoor enclosures provide reliable operation under extreme conditions. All outdoor enclosures are ETL approved per UL50E to NEMA 3R and IPX4 specifications.

Outdoor enclosures are available for the following isothermal humidifiers:

Weather covers are available for Vaporstream and STS humidifiers. They are fully assembled at the factory to protect against wind, sun, and rain.

Features and Benefits

  • Install on the ground or on the roof. Outdoor enclosures are ideal for facilities that have limited interior space.
  • Easy access for service. Steel enclosure doors provide full access to all internal components.
  • Protects in cold and hot climates. To ensure complete safety and operation in all climates, the outdoor enclosure has supplemental heating and ventilating systems that automatically maintain required operation conditions.
  • The outdoor enclosure is ruggedly built to completely protect internal components.

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