Adiatec® Ultrasonic Humidifier

The DriSteem Adiatec ultrasonic humidifier provides evaporative cooling and humidification in room or in AHU/duct for application flexibility. Ultrasonic units humidify using high frequency oscillation of piezoelectric transducers, causing mist to develop into very small droplets. The developed mist is carried out of the unit through the air flow generated in an air handler or integrated fans.


DriSteem’s ultrasonic humidifier uses 93% less energy than isothermal humidifiers.

Reduces cooling load

As atomized water droplets are absorbed into the air, the evaporation causes air temperature to drop, reducing the cooling load. This provides significant energy savings when cooling and humidifying simultaneously.

Room ultrasonic humidifiers (Model BR Series)

The Model BR series is designed for a magnitude of in-room applications. With the polished/mirrored cover we are able to provide a sleek design with great performance. These units can be mounted on the wall or using a drip tray.

  • Mounts on the wall below the ceiling.
  • Adsorption distance dependent on room conditions.
  • Integral fan(s) carry the mist out of the unit.
  • Drip tray accessory provided as an option for additional piece of mind.

AHU ultrasonic humidifiers (Model BA Series)

The Model BA series is specifically designed for the unit to be placed in an AHU or duct application. These units can be purchase with a mounting rack or placed into the airstream.

  • Mounts into a duct or AHU.
  • Utilizes existing airflow to carry the mist out of the unit.
  • Handles common air velocities of 200 – 800 fpm.
  • Adjustable air baffles to optimize performance.

Water treatment systems

Add DriSteem Hydrotrue® RO and DI water treatment solutions for a complete package that produces high purity adiabatic humidification. Click here to learn moreabout DriSteem water treatment systems.

Features and Benefits

  • In room or in AHU/duct application flexibility
  • 93% less energy required compared to  isothermal humidifiers
  • Greater effectiveness in low load sensible  applications
  • ±1% controllability with modulating demand  signal and constant temperature/airflow control
  • Small water droplet for easily evaporated water


Capacity: Model BR steam capacities from 2.2 to 17.6 lbs/hr (1.0 to 8.0 kg/h); Model BA steam capacities from 7.9 to 55.3 lbs/hr (3.6 to 25.2 kg/h)

Control: ±1% RH

Applications: In room or in AHU/duct application flexibility

Options: Water treatment system

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