Wetted Media Technology Overview

Wetted media systems provide evaporative cooling and humidification for a wide variety of applications while taking advantage of the free cooling and energy savings inherent with this technology. These systems work by using the heat already in the air to evaporate water as it passes through saturated media, saving on energy costs compared to alternative evaporative cooling equipment or steam humidification.

In addition, wetted media systems can effectively manage shoulder season cooling load, as well as assist on peak cooling days to avoid the purchase of additional cooling equipment. In retrofit situations where the cooling load has increased, installation of a wetted media system is significantly less costly than adding a chiller.

  • Reduces cooling load: Every pound of water evaporated into the air removes about 1000 Btu of heat from the air (every kg evaporated removes approximately 2250 kJ of heat). This evaporative cooling effect reduces the building’s cooling load, resulting in significant energy savings in applications requiring both cooling and humidification.


  • Europe only


Capacity: Varies with application.

Applications: Any application requiring cooling or humidification. Especially suited for applications requiring simultaneous cooling and humidification. Commonly used in data centers, industrial manufacturing, printing facilities, and applications using air-side economizers. Can be installed in air handlers and ducts.

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