Humidification Protects Paper and Ensures Processes

Humidifying printing facilities significantly improves print production processes. Relative humidity (RH) affects the moisture content of hygroscopic materials, such as paper. Paper will absorb or release moisture until an equilibrium moisture content is reached, which may affect many of the properties critical for production.

DriSteem humidification systems help maintain a consistent RH for print processes - assuring better quality and increased productivity, while minimizing costs for machinery downtime and wasted materials.

Benefits Of Humidification
  • Decreases number of paper jams and breaks
  • Reduces paper curl and cracking
  • Maintains maximum equipment speed
  • Eliminates electrostatic damage, adhesion, and dust attraction
  • Optimizes ink absorption and adhesion

Cooling Hot Water

DriSteem was the first in the industry with fully mechanical control on an automatic drain water tempering device.


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