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Watch this one-minute video for the rationale behind our commitment to quality. This is why we say when there's no room for compromise, make sure it's DriSteem.

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Wetted Media System

  • Energy-efficient

  • Reduces cooling load

  • Low maintenance

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BIM objects

Building information modeling (BIM) objects are now available in our BIM objects library. 

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Harrison and Harrison

DriSteem GTS -100 is critical to organ builders craft. To learn more click here




Watch the detailed test video

Detailed Insulation Performance VideoThis video documents in detail the side-by-side test comparing PVDF to air gap dispersion tube insulation, and also includes real-world calculations.



Nordbygg 2014
Stockholm Sweden, 1- 4 April 2014
Tuesday and Wednesday 09:00-17:00
Thursday 09:00-18:00
Friday 09:00-17:00

AB Sibe will show DriSteem products in Booth A46:20


ISK - Sodex 2014
Istanbul Expo Center - Turkey
7-10 May 2014

Havak will show DriSteem products in Hall 4, Booth C06


Electrode humidifier models

XT Series and XTR electrode humidifiers provide humidification for a wide variety of buildings and applications:

  • Wide capacity range
  • Multiple controller options


XT Series electrode humidifiers

XT Series electrode humidifiers are easy to maintain and adaptable, and they provide comprehensive control with the Vapor-logic option.

Electrode humidifier - Model XTP & XTS


Did you know...

DriSteem's insulated dispersion tubes have higher capacities than non-insulated tubes

DriSteem's High-Efficiency Insulated Dispersion Tubes produce less condensate than non-insulated tubes and,High-efficiency insulated dispersion tubes therefore, have more steam available for humidification, increasing the capacity of each tube by as much as 6 lbs/hr. As a result, fewer tubes may be required to meet application requirements, further lowering condensate production and heat gain while reducing resource consumption and cost.