Expanded Product Options for Wetted Media System

Wetted Media systems

Wetted Media systems

There are now three new options for the Wetted Media System, to meet the requirements of today’s systems that often require cost efficient evaporative cooling and humidification.

New options for DriSteem Wetted Media Systems include:

  • New Media Size
    In addition to 12” (305mm) media, DriSteem now offers 8” (203mm) media for situations where there is lower demand. 8” media restricts flow rate less than 12” media, resulting in a lower pressure drop. Since 8” media is thinner, it also costs less than 12” media.
  • Built-in Droplet Separator
    Order the system with a built-in droplet separator to remove water droplets that can form when operating at higher face velocities. The ability to operate at higher velocities delivers more conditioned air to a controlled space.
  • User-controlled Version
    The user-controlled Wetted Media System does not include the DriSteem Vapor-logic® controller, which saves on cost while maintaining the flexibility to work with an existing Building Automation System.

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