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DriSteem's humidification systems create and disperse steam and provide accurate relative humidity (RH) control.

Non-pressurized steam humidifiers

Nonpressurized dispersion products

DriSteem's steam dispersion products provide rapid, dry steam absorption in ducts, air handling units, and spaces. They disperse steam from any Dristeem steam-generating evaporative type humidifier. View non-pressurized dispersion products

Electric humidifiers

Electric humidifiers

Electric humidifiers can be installed in a variety of applications and mounting configurations. Our electric humidifiers are compatible with a wide range of RH control options and water types and encompass a wide range of capacities and steam distribution methods. View electric products

STS humidifier

Heat exchanger humidifiers

DriSteem's heat exchanger humidifiers are economical, using heat from steam boilers to produce high-quality, chemical-free steam. They are compatible with all water types: tap, softened, deionized, and reverse osmosis. View heat exchanger products.

High-Pressure Atomizing system

Atomizing humidifiers

Atomizing humidifiers reduce cooling load, reduce water waste and, in warm, dry applications, are the most energy-efficient humidification systems. DriSteem's High-Pressure Atomizing system provides high-quality industrial-grade humidification solutions suitable for a wide variety of applications. View atomizing products

Vapor-logic4 controller


DriSteem's Vapor-logic microprocessor controller provides accurate, responsive RH control and diagnostics. Interoperability allows communication with multiple building automation systems. Use the Web interface to set up, view, and adjust humidifier functions via Ethernet, either directly or remotely through a network. View controllers

Accessories and options

Accessories and options

DriSteem's humidification system accessories and options expand flexibility and performance. Drain water tempering, high-efficiency dispersion tubes, custom rack systems, and enclosures are some of the ways DriSteem makes humidification systems more flexible and robust. View accessories and options.