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CRUV humidifier


GTS humidifier

High-pressure system

Low-maintenance humidification

LTS humidifier

Outdoor Enclosure

Steam Injection humidifier

STS humidifier

Ultra-sorb humidifier

UV Germicidal Systems


Vapor-logic1 controller

Vapor-logic2 controller

Vapor-logic3 controller

Vapor-logic4 controller

Vapor-logic5 controller

Vapormist (Humidi-tech) humidifier

Vaporstream humidifier

VT Series humidifier

Water Treatment System

Wetted Media System

XT Series humidifier

XTR humidifier

Miscellaneous products

Over 50 Years of Innovation

Since 1965, DriSteem has produced custom systems for critical applications such as health care facilities and other buildings requiring precise environmental control.

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